SPORTident Station BS11-LA


  • As part of the SPORTident AIR+ product family, the SPORTident Base Station 11 Loop Antenna features contactless registration of time records.

  • The station works together with the SPORTident ActiveCard (SIAC), which records the stations’ signal when crossing a 6 or 9 metres wide antenna loop, allowing for accurate timing even with wide finish lanes.

  • The BS11-LA station operates unattended once set up and switched on.

  • The station works with an unlimited number of SIACs simultaneously.

  • The station is configured, updated and recharged via USB.

  • The companion PC software SPORTident Config+ gives access to the full configuration of the station, including two different operating modes, allowing for flexible and advanced use cases.

  • The BS11-LA does not record passing SIACs. The time records are registered and stored on the SIACs only. However, the SIAC can send its records via radio to a SPORTident SRR (short range radio) dongle or GSM modem when passing a BS11-LA station.

  • The BS11-LA is easy to carry around and set up, as the foldable loop antenna and the letter-sized station are supplied in a practical case.

  • It is typically mounted at the side of the track, with the loop antenna laid out on the ground perpendicular to the track. The ground loop should always be covered with a mat or buried in the ground or snow.

  • The station is water-proof, robust and with an operating time of up to 90 hours on one battery charge.

bs11la 3


Internal power supply

Rechargeable lithium battery

Battery capacity

4500 mAh

Recharging battery

5 V +/- 5 % and minimum 500 mA

Operating time

90 hours

Time accuracy

1 second per 7 days when operated between 15°C and 30°C


Mini USB, Loop-antenna

Operating range

- 20°C to + 50°C

International protection class

IP 64 (DIN EN 60529)
Protection against penetration of dust
Protection against splashed water from all directions


Station: 228 mm x 278 mm x 38 mm
Loop antenna: width 6 or 9 m, height 9 mm, depth 70 mm


Station: 960 g
Loop antenna 6 m: 1300 g
Loop antenna 9 m: 2200 g

Registration range

Width of field (and antenna): 6 or 9 metres
Height of field (above 6 m antenna): 2.5 metres
Height of field (above 9 m antenna): 2.1 metres
Depth of field (perpendicular to antenna): 2 metres

Operating modes

Beacon Start, Beacon Finish, Beacon Control

Software support

SPORTident Config+ v2.0 and later

Battery exchange

The BS11 station contains a rechargeable battery. The battery has a lifetime of several years. Even without use, the battery ages over time and its capacity decreases. The number of charging cycles and the storage of the batteries also have an influence on the life of the batteries. Frequent charging and temperatures that are too cold or too hot can have a shortening effect on the lifetime.

It is recommended to replace rechargeable batteries of a BS11 station after seven years.

A simple but non-professional test is to test the runtime of the battery when the station is switched on. To do this, fully charge the station and set the operating time using Config+ to its maximum (95 h, 59 min). Switch on the station and check that it remains switched on within the runtime.

If the LEDs of the station flash red-green during charging, this indicates an error in the recognition of the battery. In this case, you should completely discharge the battery. To do this, switch on the station and wait until it switches off due to low charge. If the station switches off due to its expired operating time, switch it on again. Then fully charge the station again. If the problem persists, the battery should be replaced.