SPORTident Station BSF8 SI-Master


  • SPORTident SI-Master Station 8 is an extended SPORTident Control Station. It works and can be configured as any other SPORTident station.

SI Master
  • In addition two new service modes are implemented: TimeMaster and ExtendedMaster

    • TimeMaster: In operating mode “TimeMaster” the station transmits its clock time to any other SPORTident-Station inductive coupled to the SI-Master. So a set of SPORTident-Stations can be synchronised very quickly.

    • ExtendedMaster: Also in “ExtendedMaster” mode the SI-Master transmits its clock time to any other SPORTident- Station. Additionally the SI-Master clears the backup memory of the slaved station and transmits its own active time to any other unit.

  • The different service modes are activated by using the Service/OFF-Card. The card has to be punched several times. There is the following order:

    1. Service: SERVMO

    2. TimeMaster: TIMEMA

    3. ExtendedMaster: EXTMA

    4. Off

SI Master ServiceOff
  • Each action by an ordinary SI-Card immediately activates station’s base mode.

  • For the inductive coupling process a coupling stick should be used. When synchronizing the real time clock the slaved station will be switched automatically into service mode. An acoustic/optical feedback signal indicates the completion of the synchronisation process. Then the slaved station switched back automatically in operating mode Nevertheless this process starts ones more when the station keeps on the time master.

  • Afterwards it is very important to check the real time clock in all synchronized stations by punching with a SI-Card and read out the data records. Besides this punch guarantees that all stations will be switched into the active mode.

SI Master Koppelstab

SI Master KopplungBS


The station’s real time clock system is calibrated and temperature compensated (starting with firmware V5.53). This offers higher accuracy also at very high and very low temperatures. The internal time resolution is 1/256 s, approximately 4 ms.


Internal power supply

1 x Lithium ½ AA cell, no rechargeable

Battery capacity

1000 mAh


3 - 5 years

Battery exchange

by SPORTident GmbH and authorized SPORTident partners

Operating range

- 20°C to + 50°C

International protection class

IP 64 (DIN EN 60529)
Protection against penetration of dust
Protection against splashed water from all directions


101 mm x 51 mm x 19 mm


62 g

Accuracy at normal temperature

less than +/- 20 seconds a month

Switch on time

< 1 second (standard)

Backup memory

maximum number of punches: 21802
maximum number of SI-Cards data records: 1022