SPORTident ActiveCard


  • SPORTident ActiveCard (SIAC) can be used in two different identification modes:

    • Direct punching: registers a direct punch in less than the tenth of a second (works even if battery is empty)

    • Contactless punching: registers the time and code number of an AIR+ compatible SPORTident Station

  • SIAC completes the identification cycle in 60 ms and registers up to 128 intermediate time records

  • The optical and acoustical feedback signal, emitted by the SIAC, indicates the successful timekeeping and registration

  • Intermediate and finish times are recorded in a proximity range of several meters when passing the checkpoint with a maximum speed of 80 km/h

  • A built-in short-range radio enables the transmission of time records for the online data presentation

  • SIAC is energy-efficient and the card will work for several years before a battery change

  • SIAC is fully encapsulated and waterproofed

  • SIAC can be customized according to your preferences (you can choose a colour and a SIAC number)

SPORTident ActiveCard


Model type

Finger stick

Number range

8 000 000 …​ 8 999 999 [1]

Typical applications

Orienteering, MTB, Enduro, Triathlon, Trail and other outdoor sports

Data exchange time

60 ms direct punching
50ms contactless punching

Maximum passing speed AIR+

80 km/h at a distance from the station / antenna of up to: 3.00 m for BS11-BL, 1.50 m for BS11-BS, 2.00 m for BS11-LA

Time resolution

4 ms / 50 ms depending on operation mode

Time format

24h-format, day of week

RFID frequency

125 kHz

Radio frequency

2.4 GHz (Short range radio - SRR)

Data Readout time

RFID < 4 s, SRR < 1 s

Clear time

<0.5 s

User feedback signal

Optical and acoustical signals, configurable


by CHECK or SIAC-ON, slowly flashing green LED indicates ON state



Intermediate time records


Special records


Firmware Card

Current Firmware RFID V4.3, SRR V4.3, no user upgrade

SPORTident system compatibility
Firmware stations

- SPORTident stations BS7/8/9, firmware V6.00 and higher
- SPORTident stations BS11, firmware V7.00 and higher

Operating temperature range

-20°C …​ +50°C

Protection class

IP 67 (DIN EN 60529)
- Protection against penetration of dust
- Protection against the ingress of water during short-term immersion

Battery life time

Up to 4 years

Battery exchange

yes, by SPORTident


2 years, except for battery


11 g


68 mm x 21 mm x 12 mm


5 basic colours for body, white tip with logo

Battery exchange

The SIAC contains a battery. The battery has a finite lifetime. Therefore, the battery needs to be sent in for battery exchange every once in a while to continue using the SIAC. The SIAC battery exchange is carried out by SPORTident and a number of service points operated by close partners of SPORTident.

It is recommended to replace SIAC batteries three years after the SIAC production date or the last battery exchange date.

The next battery exchange can be determined as follows:

  • The recommended battery exchange date is printed on the underside of the SIAC.

  • The form on the SPORTident Homepage shows the recommended battery exchange date by using the card number.

  • Config+ shows the battery date after a readout. This date plus three years is the recommended battery exchange date.

The SIAC Battery Test station and Config+ evaluate the SIAC battery voltage. If the SIAC Battery Test station or Config+ indicate a warning or failure for the SIAC battery voltage then the SIAC battery should be replaced.

1. The card number range 8 800 000 …​ 8 999 999 is reserved for internal use.