SPORTident SRR USB Dongle


The SPORTident short range radio (SRR) enables wireless transmission of SPORTident data records over distances of up to 6 metres. The radio is working in the licence free 2.4 GHz radio band and can be used worldwide. The following SPORTident products are enabled for SRR:

  • Data sources:

    • BSF8-SRR

    • SIAC

  • Data receivers:

    • SRR radio dongle (connects to a PC)

    • SIGSM-DN (GSM modem)

SI-SRR uses two radio channels (named “red” and “blue”) to achieve a robust data transmission with a low error rate. While the data sources use the two channels simultaneously, the data receivers always work at one and the same channel.


The SRR dongle receives data records sent from BSF8-SRR or SIAC. The device features an USB interface for easy connection with PC, laptop or other standard communication equipment.

Because the SRR dongle works at one radio channel permanently this channel has to be configured by Config+. To profit from the frequency agility of the SI-SRR, two receivers are required, operating at the red and blue channel, respectively. For correct functionality it is important to check that the receivers do not work at the same radio channel.

Using Config+ three more working parameters can be configured. While basic compatibility with standard evaluation software is kept, the data format “AIR+” offers specific information about the radio transmission. The basic protocol format skips this data and is fully compatible backwards. Data received by the dongle are forwarded automatically.

SRRDongle Screenshot1 ConfigPlus

The SRR dongle is able to manage up to eight logical radio links. There is no upper limit for data sources working in ad-hoc mode. SIAC always works in this mode.

Data received by the device can be computed by standard event software. Also Config+ features a simple monitor function to visualise the SRR functionality. Select the SRR Dongle as your target device and choose the feature ‘View punch’. This will bring up the following view, the dongle is ready to receive data now.

SRRDongle Screenshot2 ConfigPlus


Model type


Typical application

Orienteering, MTB, Enduro, Triathlon, Trail and other outdoor sports

Radio frequency

2.4 GHz band (2.400…​2.483GHz)

Radio channels

“red”, “blue”

User feedback signal

Optical (red and green LED)

Data reception

Always on

Internal record buffer



V4.50 and higher, no user upgrade

SI-System compatibility

BSF8-SRR, all firmware versions
SIAC, all firmware versions

Operating temperature range

-20°C …​ +50°C

Protection class

IP 40 (DIN EN 60529)
not water proofed


No battery, powered by USB

Current consumption

30 mA


2 years


15 g


65 mm x 20 mm x 12 mm