SPORTident BS11 Firmware Changelog

704 (2021-03-08)


SPORTident has released a new firmware for the following devices:

  • BS11-BS: SPORTident Base Station 11 Beacon Small

  • BS11-BL: SPORTident Base Station 11 Beacon Large

  • BS11-LA: SPORTident Base Station 11 Loop Antenna

Updating to the latest firmware is supported for all listed device families running firmware 300 and later.

The new firmware version is available through the firmware update feature of the SPORTident Config+ application. We recommend to use the latest version of Config+ available at the SPORTident website. SPORTident Config+ version 2.5.1 or later is required to update your BS11 stations to this firmware version.

Please refer to the section Config+ / Firmware update to find instructions on how to update your firmware.


  • Improved clock stability over long time periods

  • Revalidated maximum passing speed with the SIAC and BS11 stations with firmware 700 or greater. The maximum passing speed is at least 80 km/h at a distance from the station / antenna of up to: 3.00 m for BS11-BL, 1.50 m for BS11-BS, 2.00 m for BS11-LA.

702 (2019-04-11)

  • Higher accuracy of real time clock by factory calibration

    • Time drift is 1 second per week with 15 - 30 °C

  • Dedicated mode BC_SLAVE introduced

    • To use gate mode with BS11 BL, the slaved station must be set up as BC_SLAVE now

    • No automatic configuration of gate master and slave anymore

    • This prevents accidentally misconfiguration on site

  • Exclusive support for AIR+ operating modes

  • A battery status indicator has been introduced

  • A battery low warning icon has been introduced

  • Information shown on the display has been optimized

Bug fixes
  • Wrong calendar has been fixed

  • Several other minor fixes

701 (2019-03-21)

700 (2019-03-19)

332 (2018-11-13)

New features
  • Added support for BS11-LA (SPORTident Base Station 11 Loop Antenna)

  • This firmware version only applies to BS11-LA and not to BS11-BL and BS11-BS

320 (2014-08-04)