Security lock for BSF9


The security lock consists of a plastic-coated steel cable and a combination lock. The steel cable is placed around the fixed object, for example a tree or a lamppost, then threaded through one or more holes of the BSF9 and then closed.

Package contents

  • Lock with numerical coding, factory setting of the numerical code is 0-0-0-0.

  • Plastic-coated steel cable with 4mm diameter.

  • Key for setting the number combination.

ropelock key


Structure of the lock

ropelock all


  1. Pass the rope through the holes of the BSF9 station and then through the lock from [A] to [B] with the end without ball.

  2. Place the rope around the object and insert the end of the rope with the ball into the lock at right angles to the other rope end until it clicks into place [F].

  3. Hold both ends of the rope parallel and lock the lock with [C]. Both ends of the rope are now securely locked.

  4. Change the number combination of the lock.

ropelock use all


  1. Set the correct combination of numbers on the lock and press button [D]. The lock opens.

  2. Pull out the rope.

Set the code

The code of this lock has been preset with factory numbers 0-0-0-0. This code can be changed to any 4-digit code of your choice.

ropelock set code
  1. Hold the lock in one hand. With the other hand, press the key against [E] and keep it pressed.

  2. Set the desired combination of numbers, then press button [C].

  3. Remove the key from [E].