How to handle SPORTident equipment during the Corona Pandemic

A structured and well organised scheme based on a hygiene concept is the base to manage events at the times of higher health risks caused by the Corona Pandemic. Each organiser acts based on the rules and restrictions released by the local and governmental authorities.

Hereby we publish recommendations for a most secure handling of SPORTident equipment used at events.

The main SPORTident products are SI-Cards and SI-Stations. The housing of these products is made by plastic with a very smooth surface. Infectious material does not stay to it well. A possibly adhering Corona virus becomes inactive after a few hours. So the risk basically is low that such a SPORTident product is contaminated with viruses.

SPORTident stations

SI control stations are touched by the course setters when setting out and retrieving. Only one person should contact the stations at this process. After having finished the service a careful disinfection of operators hands is needed.

The SI stations should be disinfected after application. We recommend the use of alcohol-based surface disinfectants, preferably with 70% isopropanol or 80% ethanol. Other surface disinfectants could damage the plastic surface of our products.

SPORTident Cards

We recommend that you always work with personal SI-Cards owned by the athletes.

If it is necessary to work with hired SI-Cards the card and band should be issued separately. The athlete takes both from one storage container each and touches only one piece each. A SI-Card has to be used only once at one event. The participant returns both parts separately. The elastic band should be washed afterwards. If the SI-Card will be used again within two days a disinfection is recommended.

Race time

The athletes should not touch the stations during the race.

Contactless punching reduces the risk of touching a station significantly.
All SI stations can be enabled for contactless punching AIR+.

Card readout and event evaluation

The SI-Card readout process should be done by the athlete. The readout station has to be separated from the operator by using a longer cable offering a distance of 2 metres.

Quick result sheets are recommended only if the printout is cut automatically and no interaction by a second person is needed.

The SPORTident O-App for Android Smartphones offers extended and real time evaluation websites optimised for any smartphone display size. This is a direct replacement for a paper printout

SPORTident is happy to support organiser by managing training sessions and events also at the times of Corona. Please raise your questions and contact us by email: